Parts and Supplies

Top-Quality Pool Parts and Supplies

Improve the Look of Your Pool With Quality Supplies

Enhance beauty and functionality of your pool with top-quality pool parts and supplies from Texas Tom's Pool Supplies & Service. When you visit us, you will see a wide range of Polaris Pool Products, including pool cleaners and accessories.

You can count on us to supply you the best swimming pool parts and services in the Kingwood area. Our factory-trained technicians will provide you with the best customer service so you can always be 100% satisfied.
Pool parts

A Wide Range of Pool Parts and Supplies

  • Timers
  • Lighting and lights
  • Filters
  • Cleaners
  • Plumbing supplies
Water testing

Get a FREE Water Testing Today!

Allow our certified water testing professionals to test your water sample FREE of cost! It will only take us about 5 minutes to test your water and deliver a printout of our findings to you. Simply bring in a fresh 8 oz sample. If we see any problem with your water, our experts can make recommendations for proper water treatment.

At Texas Tom's Pool Supplies & Service, we have a reputation for providing professional services and quality products, which has been the main reason for us being in this business for so many years. We are a family-owned and operated business.
We offer special discounts to teachers, civil service and military veterans. Visit 4425 Kingwood Drive.
We also offer FREE in-store water samples to all our customers.
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